October 19, 2017 Xicaru Mezcal

Xicaru (“ZEE-kah-roo”) means beautiful in the Zapotec language. Xicaru Silver, Silver 102° and Reposado are beautiful mezcals, crafted using age-old production methods by Master Mezcalero Fernando Santibañez. Xicaru Silver is approachable yet distinct, with traditional vegetal and smoky notes derived from cooking 100% agave espadin over mesquite and ocote – woods native to Oaxaca. The crisp, high-proof Xicaru Silver 102° honors the preference of mezcaleros for more concentrated characteristics by taking a smaller cut from the heart of the distillate. Months of resting in medium-toasted American oak barrels brings delicate notes of vanilla and caramel to Xicaru Reposado. This creates a nuanced and balanced profile while retaining the distinct identity of traditional mezcal.