A Small Start, But An Important One: Giving Back

From the beginning we wanted our company to “do things the right way”. Using traditional methods in our mezcal production is just one part of the equation. Another is our belief in sharing the benefit we derive from this business with the less fortunate people whose land provides the very source of our product.

We have chosen to give to the nonprofit and debt-free Foundation for His Ministry, a nondenominational U.S. 501(c)(3). FFHM runs a children’s home in rural Oaxaca for about 65 children ranging in age from infant to young adult. When we visited, we knew immediately that this was the place to give back.

We’ve made multiple donations to the FFHM children’s home. Our gifts have contributed to the purchase of a new van to transport the older children to and from school as well as to the construction of an on-campus school for grades K-6.

As Xicaru grows, so our giving back will grow; and we are looking forward to that.

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